EscapinGuru recently launched the GuruCard program, an international discount card for Escape Room players. Our program is based on a clever system, designed to enhance the player experience while directing traffic to your rooms!


Step 1: Register as a GuruPartner

Get your own web-page. Escape Room Owners and Adventure/Thrill venues register as a GuruPartner through our site This program is free to join. We request a discount from your venue in order to promote you to our GuruCard members.



Step 2: Promotion

Once you are approved and active on our site, you will be able to:
– Edit photos, descriptions, business hours, and add links to your social media on our site.
– We will actively market your venue to our GuruCard members
– Paid advertising opportunities, such as dedicated e-mail blasts and last minute deals, will be available later in the year.



Step 3: Increase your Earnings

GuruPartner locations have the opportunity to resell our GuruCard at their facility. Contact us directly for an order form for discounted pricing.


Step 4: Community

In areas where we have a strong GuruPartner network, we will host monthly meet & greets, game nights, social hours, or mixers. Be part of the community – reach out and let us know you’re interested in participating!



With the support of GuruCard members, GuruPartners, and GuruVendors, we will create an amazing experience for all. Let us create the network we all need, together. This affordable, community based program will change the industry. Be part of something big.

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